Monday, October 24, 2011

Currently Reading

I am currently reading Stuck in the Middle (Sister -to- Sister, Book 1 by Virginia Smith.
Joan Sanderson's life is stuck. Her older sister, Allie, is starting a family and her younger sister, Tori, has a budding career. Meanwhile, Joan is living at home with Mom and looking after her aging grandmother. Not exactly a recipe for excitement. That is, until a hunky young doctor moves in next door. Suddenly Joan has a goal--to get a date. But it won't be easy. Pretty Tori flirts relentlessly with him and Joan is sure that she can't compete. But with a little help from God, Allie, and an enormous mutt with bad manners, maybe Joan can find her way out of this rut.
Book 1 of the Sister-to-Sister series, Stuck in the Middle combines budding romance, spiritual searching, and a healthy dose of sibling rivalry.

Finished Reading

I finished reading Be Still and Let Your Nail Polish Dry by Andrea Boeshaar and Sandra D. Bricker. Here is my review for it I really love this book. It maybe short but the devotions have big messages. I would recommend it to every woman who needs a little uplifting. This book is my all time favorite. I could not put it down. I also can't believe I read it in 2 days.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dewey's Marathon 4

7:35pm to 11:00pm "Be Still and Let Your Nail Polish Dry" - 60% of book. Congratulations  to the readers who stayed up for  24 hours. I am throwing in the towel. It was fun can't wait till next year.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dewey's Marathon 3

2:32pm to 4:50pm: "Be Still and Let Your Nail Polish Dry" - 36% of book.

Dewey's Marathon 2

8:45 am to noon: "Be Still and Let Your Nail Polish Dry" - 21% of book

Dewey's Marathon 1

It's my favorite time of year again. It is the 24 hour Dewey Marathon. Where you do nothing but reading all day. I will be reading Be Still and Let Your Nail Polish Dry. I will be reading  it on the kindle. The kindle doesn't have page numbers. It has the percentage of the book you are reading. I will be keeping my progress that way.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finished Reading

I finished reading Coffee at Luke's: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest (Smart Pop series) by Jennifer Crusie. Here is my review for it I found this book interesting because it is not done in chapters it is in essay forum.  I love the quotes from the show. It makes you wish that Stars Hallow was a real place.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Currently Reading

I am currently reading Coffee at Luke's: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest (Smart Pop series) by Jennifer Crusie
Novelist Crusie resumes editorial duties in this follow-up to her previous Smart Pop series entries (Flirting with Pride and Prejudice, Totally Charmed), a collection of essays on the television series Gilmore Girls, a small-town mom-and-daughter dramedy known for clever, rapid-fire dialogue and rich relationships. This title arrives just in time for grieving fans-after seven seasons, Gilmore recently aired its final show-but is a typically mixed bag. Charlotte Fullerton's defense of the show's cantankerous elder stateswoman, Emily, is an insightful look at "a fascinatingly complex, layered fictional human being." Sara Morrison's "Your Guide to the Real Stars Hollow Business World," in which she compares the Connecticut town of her teenage years with Gilmores' setting to determine which businesses would survive, is amusing but aimless. Further off the mark is Jill Winters' exploration of the static life of a fictional town ("Stars Hollow does not seem to be a place where one can evolve") in which she seems to forget that she's discussing a comedy-drama, not real life-a mistake she's not alone in making. This title may not have a long shelf-life, but disenfranchised Gilmore devotees-likely the most bookish TV fans a bookseller could hope for-are sure to give it attention. 

Finished Reading

I finished reading  Spying in High Heels (High Heels Mysteries) by Gemma Halliday. Here is my review for it I really enjoyed this book. A real page turner.  I would recommend it. It is cute and a funny story. I am looking forward to reading more books in this series.