Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Reading Progress # 1

This will be my last update for the month of February. I have read 24% of the book What The Heart Remembers by Bette Lee Crosby. So far I am really enjoying the story. It is a real page turner.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Currently Reading

I am currently reading What the Heart Remembers: Memory House Collection, Book Three ( Memory House Series 3 ). By Bette Lee Crosby

Here is what the book is about.

TWO LOVERS. ONE CHANCE AT HAPPINESS….When Max Martinelli returns to Paris in search of her lost love, what she finds will change her life forever. 
For three years the memory of Julien Marceau has haunted Max. Her life is stuck on hold simply because she can't stop wondering what would have happened if she had gone back. Was Julien simply part of the magic of Paris? Or was he meant to be her destiny? 
After a New Year's Eve party that ends in disaster, Max decides to find out once and for all. She is going to return to Paris and search for Julien. But will her search bring forever after happiness or a truth so ugly it will change her life forever? 

What the Heart Remembers is Book 3 in the Award-Winning Memory House Series 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review A Rose for Sergei

I absolutely loved this story. It is a true story. From the very first chapter the story just grabs you and keeps your interest. In Russia sending a red rose to someone means their heart is bleeding for you.

This book was written about the time this author spend with Sergei after Sergei defected his position from the KGB. I hope this author writes more books so I can read more by her. If you want to know more about Sergei's life then you need to pick up this book and  read it.

When reading  this story you better have some tissues with you. This is the type of story that you will think about after you finish it. It is such an emotional story. You will become attached to the characters. This story will stay with you for  a while.

The author did an amazing job writing the book. It is of her memories of the time she and Sergei spend together.

If I had a rating system on my blog I would give this book 5 stars all the way.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Upcoming Review

Happy Valentine's Day all you book lovers. Hope you are enjoying your day.
I will be posting a review soon for A Rose for Sergei. I  am enjoying this story so much I  really don't want this book to end.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reading Progress # 2

I am almost  half way through A Rose for Sergei. I am taking my time with this story because I want to absorb Sergei's life. I can't imagine  the stuff he went through in the time period of  1972.