Friday, January 2, 2015

Currently Reading

I am currently reading Nuptials for Sale by Virginia Jewel
It was just a simple prank!
Broke and bored, best friends Josh and Mel headed out to the local super store for a little free fun. Feeling mischievous, Josh took control of the store's intercom and popped the question to Mel, but when a video of Josh’s fake proposal ends up on the internet, life takes a turn for the crazy. When a television producer from a popular morning show and an executive from the super store get their hands on the story, the whole thing gets out of control. 
Can Mel and Josh find a way to get out of this monstrosity before it goes too far? How are they supposed to explain to everyone that it was all just a prank? Is their friendship strong enough to last through a fake marriage? What will it cost them to sell out?

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