Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review A Rose for Sergei

I absolutely loved this story. It is a true story. From the very first chapter the story just grabs you and keeps your interest. In Russia sending a red rose to someone means their heart is bleeding for you.

This book was written about the time this author spend with Sergei after Sergei defected his position from the KGB. I hope this author writes more books so I can read more by her. If you want to know more about Sergei's life then you need to pick up this book and  read it.

When reading  this story you better have some tissues with you. This is the type of story that you will think about after you finish it. It is such an emotional story. You will become attached to the characters. This story will stay with you for  a while.

The author did an amazing job writing the book. It is of her memories of the time she and Sergei spend together.

If I had a rating system on my blog I would give this book 5 stars all the way.

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K. Kidd said...

Erin, I thank you for the lovely review and for taking a chance on reading a book outside your typical genre. I’m glad you enjoyed my story.
-Best, K. Kidd