Sunday, June 12, 2016

Review: A life Redeemed by J. R. Pitts

Here is a summary of what the book is about: The story is about a boy named Lamont. He comes from a poor family.

He was born with a disability known as "a crooked foot." When he walks his foot drags behind him. In school Lamont is bullied and abused by his classmates.

Suddenly his father dies of a heart attack. Lamont and his sister and mother have a hard time dealing with his death.

As time goes on Lamont's mother shows interest in another man she met at church. Eventually, Lamont's mother and the man get married.

Lamont hopes that he can build a close relationship with his stepdad just like he had with dad. 

Through his ordeals in life Lamont comes to rely on his faith.

Wow, this was a really great book. It really spoke to me. I can relate to Lamont because I have a disability too. Ever since I was a little kid I have had a vision problem.

Junior high and high school was the worse for me. My classmates would make fun of me because I have to have large print text books.

When I was 25-26 years old I found out I had cataracts in both eyes. I went through the surgery. I could see well for about a year.

Then when I was 27 years old my retina detached in my right eye. I went through surgery again. I loss 70% of my center vision.

The point of my personal story is that I kept on praying to God and he made sure I was alright.

The moral of the book is no matter how hard you have it always keep your faith in God. I would recommend this book.

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