Friday, August 4, 2017

New Friendship App

Hey Everyone,

How is everybody doing? I wanted to share with you a new friendship app. It is called Patook. It is a strictly making friendships app. They don't allow flirting at all. You create a profile then you pick who you want to be friends with. For example if you only want to see profiles of women that's fine. Or if you want to see profiles of men as well. I signed up you should too. It is totally safe.

They won't let you post URL links in  a message to someone until you get to know them better. Also you can get your profile verified. You can have discussions with other people. You can post topics. You can send messages to people. You can see who visited your profile. Please let  me know if you join in the comments below this post.  Also when you sign up they don't let you use your last name  as a username only first names. The best part is it's free you can upgrade to the premium later. It came out in 2016 so it is still new. If you have problems with the app or questions the people in charge are very good about responding to you. I believe you will enjoy this app.

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Erica Hatch said...

Oh, this app sounds great!