Monday, January 11, 2016

Currently Reading

I am currently  reading  A Rose for Sergei by K. Kidd.

Here is what the book is about.

Improbable – Unbelievable – All True 

My search for independence, and a career with the Federal Government in Washington DC, took me on a journey that far surpassed any expectations. I was twenty-one when I met Sergei Kourdakov, a former KGB agent and Soviet naval intelligence officer who had defected from the Soviet Union. 

The moment we met, Sergei reached for my hand and would not let go. The immediate, heated attraction surprised us both, and changed my life forever. How quickly I learned that, in matters of the heart, love makes its own choices…even when you suspect you're being followed. My memoir is the heartbreaking and intriguing true story of our time together. 

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